Family Law

O’Brien Law offers legal representation embracing a broad scope of domestic issues. We listen to each client’s individual challenges, concerns, and ideal outcomes. When clients need additional time and guidance in internalizing potential results and making educated choices on how to proceed, O’Brien Law presents zealous, yet thoughtful representation. Determination, an unrivaled work ethic, and consistent communication ensures clients and their cases receive special attention and care throughout their experience with O’Brien Law from consult to conclusion. Providing ongoing case evaluations and responding to changes with ingenuity and calm determination advance the causes of clients and their families. Each client is afforded honest, fiscally mindful, competent, and thorough counseling. With its primary focus centered on client interests and needs, O’Brien Law delivers pragmatic advice and direct 24-hour availability.
We facilitate expedient, alternative methods to resolve disputes. Ideally, a mutually agreeable settlement, wherein everyone walks away satisfied, negotiated within a reasonable period of time constitutes the preferred route. However, when settling proves unrealistic, negotiations stall, or a party engages in obstructionist behavior, we know how and when to deploy tools available inside and outside the courtroom to make progress.